August 20th, 2015 – The Ballou Skies of Late Summer

Well folks the Summer is winding down and I am none too happy about the prospect of cooler temperatures and the never ending onslaught of pumpkin flavored everything that bombards everyone this time of year. But enough about my feelings on the Fall season. Summer is a great time for family, fun, and the good old outdoors. This is why we hold our annual Ballou Skies Healthy Hearts Walk during this amazing time of year here in western Pennsylvania. On August 16th, at North Park, familiar faces and some new ones gathered to help support the Ballou Skies mission. I know I say this almost every update, but without the kind individuals that showed up to attend the walk all of our hard work would have been in vain. The mission would fail if we did not have the support of generous people who want to help change the way of things in this sometimes bleak world. Also, without our amazing sponsors the event may not have taken place at all. Thank you to all that have at anytime helped Ballou Skies to continue its never ending goal, to spread awareness and hope. Hope that one day Muscular Dystrophy will be a distant memory. Hope that those affected by it may one day have peace and that no one else has to deal with this terrible affliction.

It was a gorgeous day at North Park for the walk, with huge puffy clouds in the sky and plenty of sunshine. The feeling one gets during these beautiful Summer days reminds me of the goal we are trying to accomplish. To help those affected by Muscular Dystrophy find a small sense of calm and hope in the turmoil of life. A feeling that everything may not be okay but their are rays of hope (and sunshine) peeking through the clouds. Imagine sitting on your porch with a cool glass of iced tea leaning back with the sun shining on your face. The warmth from the sun loosening your muscles and spreading a calming feeling through your entire body. The only worry on your mind is how the heck to get more iced tea without having to go and get it yourself.  That feeling of contentedness one gets on a beautiful Summer afternoon is the same feeling we want to spread with Ballou Skies. If what we are doing brings one family some peace or hope in dealing with this awful disease, then our mission has been accomplished. We want others to know, we are fighting for a cure, we are fighting for progress, and we are fighting for everyone affected by MD, including myself. We want every family and every person affected by neuromuscular disease to feel that warm feeling, to know that if they look hard enough they will be able to see the blue skies of calm. That between the clouds of worry rays of hope can be seen. This storm shall pass and all that will be left will be light and happiness. One day a cure will be found and until then we must keep pushing forward. We must continue to fight, we must continue to look for the light.

Until next time my friends, be kind to one another, tell the ones you hold dear you love them, and keep on fighting any battles you may be facing. There is no time for fear and doubt, only time to thrive and push forward. Keep looking up for the sunshine.

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