May 19th 2015

The weather is finally amazing and Summer is almost here! This is my favorite time of year and I cannot wait for the long days that Summer brings. It is also a great time because our BallouSkies Healthy Hearts walk is at the end of Summer. We always spend the months leading up to the event running around trying to get everything prepared for another successful fundraising event. I am hoping for another great year of the walk and hope that everyone can join us in August at North Park for the event.

Recently I went to Ohio State for one of my biannual neurology appointments a couple weeks ago. Apart from some back pain I’ve been experiencing, I look and feel pretty good. After our regular appointment we were asked by OSU to sit down and talk about the charity and the impact it has had. It was a great experience to let others know what their support means to my family and I. We also got a chance to see our favorite doctor, Dr. Raman and talk to her for a couple minutes. In the coming months I am sure we will be posting the interview on our site for everyone to see. So stay tuned for that and other updates over the summer months.

Get out and enjoy the sunshine everyone! And be sure to enjoy a fun time at a beautiful park in August for our Healthy Hearts walk. Also, in our next update I will tell all of you about how my cousin and her friends are helping BallouSkies by fundraising for us in Chicago! Be kind to one another, enjoy every moment, and be happy. Until next time my friends.

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