August 29, 2014

School is back in session and the summer is coming to an end. I am sad that Fall is right around the corner, and the temperature will slowly begin to get colder. However, I am also happy after every summer comes to a close. This happiness comes from another successful Summer fund raising season. We held our annual walk and our annual bike ride over the Summer. Both events were a great time and valuable funds were raised to continue our mission to help battle MD head on. We had a beautiful day for the walk, but our bike ride was a gray, rainy day. I was surprised when about 35 people came out, despite the weather, to show support and take part in the event. Of course with our terrible luck, the rest of the day after our event was full of sunshine and blue sky. People still showed up though and that makes the events we hold all worthwhile. To know that there are other individuals in the world who care about me and care about my cause gives me peace of mind and makes my fight seem a little less daunting.

Now in regards to the study being conducted at Ohio State University, There really is not much news to report. This is a good ting because it means the study is running as intended and there have been no problems collecting the valuable data needed. We are hoping that within the first couple months of 2015 we will have solid data and soon thereafter we will have the results of the study. I am hoping that nothing but good things come from the study and concrete strides are made in helping those affected with MD. We will have to wait and see. This study is a necessary step in the right direction if we are ever to rid the world of this terrible disease. Of course wen we finally do have the results they will definitely be posted on the BallouSkies website.

With all that being said, go enjoy the warm weather while we sill have it and enjoy everday. Until next time, go Steelers and go Penguins!

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