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Ballou Skies is a 501 (c) 3 Charity.    
All checks or money orders should be made out directly to Ballou Skies.   
Each quarter a funding summary will be posted.  
Mailing Address:  
Ballou Skies c/o PLB, Inc.  
Penn Center West, Building III  
Suite 411  
Pittsburgh, PA 15276  

Thank You for Your Generous Donation. 


To find out more about BallouSkies, contact


Ty Ballou at 412-787-8800 or Ryan Ballou at 412-370-8422 or via email at

  The mission of BallouSkies is to provide funds for groundbreaking research that will assist boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. MD weakens all muscles, and without a cure all of their muscles will weaken and eventually fail. The funds  we provide are helping doctors to identify early muscle damage, especially in the heart, and develop better treatments to help keep boys stronger and healthier longer. If we can look at numerous boys, map the progression of scarring and weakening of these vital muscles, and test better and better combinations of medicines to limit scarring and strengthen muscle we can hopefully extend lives until  there is a cure!  

Ballou Skies c/o PLB, Inc.  Penn Center West, Building III Suite 411  Pittsburgh, PA 15276   (412) 787-8800  Email Us


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