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The Team

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New Orleans

New Orleans 


Ballou Skies | c/o PLB, Inc.

Penn Center West, Building III | Suite 411

Pittsburgh, PA 15276 | (412) 787-8800
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Ballou Skies Team Heads to Hawaii

Spin doctors
The Ohio State University Medical Center:
Heart Failure Drugs Preserve Muscle in Muscular Dystrophy
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Team Ballou Skies 2011
Team Ballou Skies 2011 

Team Ballou Skies (left to right): Joe Vallese, Beth Shutt, Matt Mauclair, Jeremy Cornman, Ty Ballou, Ryan Ballou (seated), Chad Holderbaum, Jason Jacobs, Kevin Srigley, Kim Schwabenbauer, Steve Filauri and Jocelyn Cornman. (Not pictured: Troy Shannan, Sally Baldwin)


Team at the Old Cafe 
Ryan and Ty interview by Pittsburgh Tribune on 2010 MDA Telethon — Click to View

2011 is a new year and the BallouSkies Triathlete team has gained some new members! Four dedicated individual have pledged to help BallouSkies gain more awareness that will lead to more funds coming in to the charity. The team has added four new members. They include: Beth Shutt, Matt Mauclair, Chad Holderbaum and Jason Jacobs. These new team members along with the current members proudly race and compete wearing the BallouSkies colors. I want to thank every one of the team members for their tireless efforts to raise awareness for this great cause. Not only do they compete wearing our jerseys, but they put in so much more effort than that. They take time out of their busy lives and help support the charity in any way possible. They help out with different events we have and help us to put on and accomplish these events. They tell all of their friends and family about what is going on and their support has been essential in the success of BallouSkies as a charity. As always, 2011 is an opportunity for us to grow as a team. We have increased our team size and are planning bigger and better events for the rest of this year. A race schedule will be posted and we will continue to update everyone on the progress that is being made. Everyone involved in the charity from my family and friends to the group of athletes that help support our cause has helped to make this dream of ours a reality. I only ask that everyone continues to show as much enthusiasm about this great cause. Please check back often for updates of what is going on with the triathlete team and for all the latest news from BallouSkies!